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At Arcadia Veterinary Clinic, we believe that each and every animal – regardless of size, breed or age – deserves quality, compassionate veterinary care. We also believe that every client we serve is important. Your child, who comes to us for the care of his new pet rabbit, is just as valuable to us as the lifelong client who has been bringing her pets to us for decades. It’s this individualized care and personal touch that sets us apart and makes us the provider of choice for veterinary care in Heber City.

When you’re in our office, you’ll have our undivided attention. We’ll never rush you, or make you feel as though you’re in the way. In fact, Arcadia Veterinary Clinic operates under an “open hospital” policy, which means we welcome our clients to become an active participant in their animal companions’ health care. We won’t usher you out of the room, or separate you from your pet when it comes to a certain procedure, or even surgery. You’re welcome to stay with your companion at all times – in fact, we encourage it!

Pet of the Month

pet of the month


My name is Remi. I am a Labrador pup that is only 5 weeks old. I came to Arcadia vet with a congenital defect, which made it so I was not able to eat properly. I was unable to swallow food and my belly always felt so hungry. I was getting weaker and the procedure I needed was so expensive. Dr. Williams happened to see me and his eyes lit up with hope for me. I let out a small cry and watched his heart melt. Our eyes met and right then I saw Dr. Williams figuring out how he could help me. Dr. Williams had never performed this surgery before and I watch with patience as he researched and studied learning how to perform the surgery to save me. After the surgery called a Persistent Right Aortic Arch Vascular Ring A nominally that took 1 and ½ hours, I started to waken. It has only been a few days and now my belly is full. I am able to play and eat and I feel so much better. Dr. Williams is surprising his father who has been waiting for the right dog to come into his life. I will be his Christmas present. I am so lucky that I was able to find such a caring staff at Arcadia. Thanks to them, I have a long life ahead of me with me new happy home.

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